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Scrabble Game Repo

Because the official online version of Scrabble is full of ads and popups and irritation, I decided to make my own, to keep my programming chops up and just for fun.

In doing it, I decided to explore a few things I hadn’t had direct experience with before:

  • React for the front end
  • AWS for the back end, managed via serverless
  • Typescript

The idea is to run this as cheaply as I can. (At this point I haven’t been charged yet, but some of the free tiers are only for a year, so if I keep everything up it will start charging miniscule amounts of money.)

At this point it does most of what I set out to have it do, and I’m pretty much done with it. The following are some notes on what I ended up with, and what I thought about while doing it.

The rest of the writeup is in the README of the repo.